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Troubled Collieries

Irish Folk
Scottish Folk
Commanders of The British Isles
Coxhoe & Kelloe Revisited 2
The Peases and the S&D Railway
Northern Folk
Kelloe Bowburn & Cornforth
Coxhoe & Kelloe Revisited
Northern Mining Roots
Bernie McCormick

The photograph was taken two years ago just approaching the island of �Capri�, in Italy where Gracie Fields fell in love with the island and stayed for most of her life. It lies just off the beautiful Amalfi coast the sites of which are spectacular and where the sea always seems to be a beautiful shade of blue. Altogether a wonderful part of Italy and part of the �Bay of Naples�, with the Volcano Vesuvius visible reminding people that it is still live; after turning Herculaneum & Pompeii to ash. Lord Nelson was well respected in this area of Naples and where he proved his authority against the French & Spanish navies around 1795.

Bernie has written over twelve books all of which has sold completely; to enable soldiers serving abroad and people emigrating can have access to the books they are now available on the Kobo book site where they can be downloaded to computers and readers. At the moment Bernie is busy with a book called �Coxhoe,1,2& 3�, all of the Coxhoe books are now out of print and mainly because people are still asking for the books it was decided to complete one last book documenting the best of these and also adding about 30 pages of memories from Kelloe, this will also be available on the Kobo web site.